Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Half-Century N/S Savannah!!

On this day 50 years ago,the  N/S Savannah the world's first nuclear-powered cargo ship,was christened by Former  First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower, at the ship's launch at New York Shipbuilding's yard in Camden, NJ. 

(Photo Taken by:copyright 2009 Ivan Safyan Abrams)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We got it!!

We've been informed that we have been accepted to receive 50K from the Camden County Historic Preservation Program to restore some of the stained glass in the church and to  rebuild the rectory roof. 

In other news...

The boys who are building their first skiff, went out on the water this past Saturday. They were taken onto the Gazella, and down into the hull. Here are a few pics.

Also, a group of Rutgers-Camden students came by for a visit.

Matthew Henson Inspires Composer

The saga of Matthew Henson has inspired many writers, but now his story has inspired South Jersey composer Dick Wolfe to produce the Mathew Henson Suite. The Henson Suite is a group of songs about Henson's life and times. Titles range from "Cabin Boy" and "A Sailor's Working Song" to "The Good Ship Kite". One of the first songs about Henson composed by Wolfe, titled "Matthew Henson" was performed by local school children on April 6th 2009 at the dedication ceremony for the Matthew Henson statue that graces our museum. Wolfe, a noted musical composer, producer and arranger, has worked with Nat King Cole and other musical giants, and now looks forward to seeing all the Henson songs performed at the museum in the near future.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Giving Tree(s)

We've been notified that we have gotten approved  to plant trees in conjunction with South Jersey Port Corp and New Jersey Tree Foundation. The trees will be planted along Broadway between Newton Creek, and Morgan Boulevard.

Scout Troop 3574

We are preparing for activities with our troop. These include a nature walk, a River Sharks game and bbq, among others. If you would like to join our boy scout troop or it's sister Girl Scout troop call us at 856.964.7447.