Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Hubbard Sledge


Known as the Hubbard Sledge, this is one of five sledges used by Peary's North Pole party. Designed by Peary, made by Henson, it was given to Thomas Hubbard (Class of 1857), one of Peary's major financial supporters.

Photographs used from Bowdoin College .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Row,Row,Row your Skiff...

On Aug. 8,2009 the Urban Boatworks had its launch of the 3 skiffs built by the youth at the Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum. The Courier-Post, a local newspaper, ran an article documenting the launch at Cooper River Yacht Club. There is also a gallery of photos, from which the above was taken.

Some in the community have made comments, via the Courier-Post website:

MikeD0844 said:  Good to see a positive story come out of Camden. To those involved, keep up the good work.

Channel Goodness said: Wonderful piece! One can actually hear the life-lesson that these young men have learned in completing this project. After all, it's been said that "the only place that 'success' comes before 'work' is in the dictionary!" You don't have to know these boys to be proud of them! 

Thank You to the Waterfront South Community, Urban Trekkers and volunteers and Camden Shipyard & Maritime Museum for your dedication and support. 

It's Official

Gov. Corzine signed legislation approving funds for the Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund from which we were awarded $750,000 to restore the Chapel and Parish house. We are also currently researching and applying for other grants . The biggest of which will be the CDBG in the fall.

Playing Catch-Up

Hello. In the past month we've had representatives from the museum attend boat launchings, bill signings and went on a Delaware River cruise. Add to that, our "garden", (more like vegetable jungle), is sprouting a slew of broccoli,collard greens, swiss chard, spinach, rosemary,and cabbage . Apparently, we're some of the few farmers who aren't having troubles with the abundance of rain.