Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Wish Joe Balzano Smooth Seas

I write to let you know that our Board President, Joseph Anthony Balzano, age 77, died on Oct. 19th after a long battle with leukemia. Joe was a remarkable man who constantly tried to help others and who was an integral part of Camden’s maritime heritage as the longtime CEO of the S. Jersey Port Corporation. He followed his father to the Port as a 17 year old and worked his way up to the top over a career that spanned 60 years. While CEO, he grew the Port into one of the major break bulk ports on the east coast. As Board President he was one of the founding members of our museum and he worked tirelessly in its behalf. He was instrumental in raising the funds for the museum; initially in order to purchase our buildings, later to fund our programs. He also made many major donations of significant marine artifacts such as our port wagon and bollards. In fact, he personally supervised the forklift installation of these heavy items even as he was recovering from a bout of his recent illness. If he had not been ill, no doubt he would have been at the controls of the forklift. He was a great supporter of our programs for city youth and often welcomed them into his office at the Port where he would tell stories about Camden history as well as showcasing current Port operations. He was a doer and a straight shooter, a Camden boy through and through, who loved the Delaware River and his city and always sought to advance its fortunes. We all will miss him terribly and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family. From all of us here at the museum, we wish Joe “Smooth Seas”.
Michael Lang

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2nd Annual Fishing Derby a Great Success

The Board of Trustees of the Camden Shipyard & Maritime Museum and I
wanted to write to thank all the good folks who helped make the Museum’s
Second Annual Youth Fishing Derby on Oct. 8th a tremendous success. As you
know, the weather was perfect, the Michael Doyle Pier was beautiful, the
Delaware River sparkled, the food was yummy, the tents looked cool,
“Chick” and his fishermen supplied the tackle and instructed our kids,
aided by the pier regulars, the T-shirts looked sharp on everybody, Susan
Mudry officiated with her usual aplomb, the fish were biting, well, just
enough to fill our aquarium, Jesus Castro and his stalwart crew launched
the Urban BoatWorks boats, full of joyful kids, on the "high seas”, and
Father Doyle and Helene Pierson basked in the glow of the moment. So
some 50 of our wonderful children had a great day on the river and it
ended with trophies and prizes awarded to the top three fishers.
All in all, about as perfect a day as one could wish for in
Waterfront South: so hats off to all of you
at the following organizations:

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority
Delaware River Fisherman’s Association
Sacred Heart School
South Jersey Bass Fisherman’s Association
Urban Promise School/Urban Trekkers/Urban BoatWorks

There were many other individuals from these organizations who helped make
this a great event; space limitations prohibit listing all names, but
please accept my profound thanks, all of you. If I forgot any group,
please accept my apologies.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spring 2011 Fundraiser a Success

Spring 2011 CS&MM 2011 fundraiser a success.
We are very thankful for the support received from the wider Camden community. In particular we wish to thank those individuals who put in the hard work on the campaign; we are grateful. We are pleased to recognize the following contributors to this year’s campaign:

Skipper, $5,000 or more
Liberty Woods International, Inc.
McMullen Roofing, Inc.

First Mate, $2,000 or more
Mid-Atlantic Barge Services LLC

Engineer, $1,000 or more
Camden Iron & Metal, Inc.

Bosun, $500 or more
A.P. Construction, Inc.
Joseph A. Balzano
Camden International Commodities Terminal, L.L.C.
Camden Yards Steel Co.
Commerce Construction Corporation
Cooper Ferry Development Assoc./ Greater Camden Partnership
DeCotiis, FitzPatrick & Cole, LLP
Delaware River Stevedores, Inc.
Holt Logistics Corporation
JYE Inc.
S.T. Hudson Engineers, Inc.

Steward, $200 or more
Mattioni LTD
R. Fanelle’s Sons, Inc.
Seamen’s Church Institute of Phila. & S. Jersey
State Metal Industries, Inc.

Deckhand, $ 50 or more
Advanced Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
Champion Services NJ LLC
Gahagan &Bryant Associates, Inc.
Joseph Oat Corporation
Live Nation
Michael Devlin and Val Frick
Megan Lang
Charles Licata
Helene and Thomas Pierson
Michael Shepherd
Terminal Shipping Company, Inc.
Adrienne Walls
Francis & Ellen Zinni

Stowaway, various
Jack Cantwell
Linda Dalengowski
Carlyn Harris
Susan Mudry McDaniel
Vincent Tran
James Logan

Thursday, June 2, 2011

design for new mural at museum

The art teacher at the Creative Arts High School, Mr. Bruce Grefe and his students produced a proof of a proposed mural for the choir loft area of the museum. Please take a look. The two Gods depicted are Poseidon, God of the sea and Aeolus, God of the wind. We are grateful to Mr. Grefe and his students for this work and also must mention the Susan Mudry as being instrumental in moving this project along. The plan is that the mural would be executed on plywood at the school and then installed in the museum.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Youth Fishing Derby a Success

Last fall the Museum and the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority sponsored a youth fishing derby at the Michael Doyle fishing pier in South Camden. This event was organized by the museum's youth coordinator, Ms. Susan Mudry. We had a great turnout with dozens of Camden kids joining in and catching lots of fish and winning lots of prizes. We wish to thank the South Jersey Bass Fisherman's Association for all their hard work in making this day a success. The event was capped by a visit from the N.J. Fish and Wildlife Ranger.

Friday, April 29, 2011

New roof

Dave of Wurster Roofing Company puts the finishing touches on the chimney, part of the new roof he helped install on the former rectory. This installation used composite tiles that mimic the original slate on this historic structure (1912). Funds were provided by the Camden County Historic Preservation Program.

NJ Historic Trust Project Underway

The new sign signifies the start of the interior reconstruction of two of our buildings funded by a major matching grant from the N.J. Historic Trust. Matching funds must be raised however, so all donations are appreciated.