Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TD Bank Announces Major Award to Museum

Flanking Helene Pierson, who is the Director of the Heart of Camden and a museum board member, Mr. Tredinnick and Ms. Carlson-Heim both from TD Bank, toured our museum and afterwards announced that the bank was awarding the museum $250,000 towards further renovations at the facility. Awarded as part of the NJ Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program, and administered by H of C, these funds will go a long way to meeting our required match for the NJHT renovation grant. Many thanks to TD Bank for this significant generosity. It is an important vote of confidence in the future of the museum, and the Waterfront South community.

Renovations Underway

Major renovations to the former chapel are proceeding. A new room is being created by excavating a crawl space. Guided by contractors Joe Hess and Larry Evans and assisted by laborers from the neighborhood, the chapel will be transformed into gallery space for our New York Shipbuilding Company exhibit. Mr. William Leatherbee is the architect heading up this project. Stay tuned for further developments.

Henson's Arctic Sled at Dog Sled Meet

On February 18th an intrepid group of youngsters from Urban Promise School and Sacred Heart School journeyed to Sellersville Pa. to participate in a major dog sled meet where they made quite a stir. Sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club, the meet featured many dog sled teams. One team belonging to Chuck Weiss was hooked up to our very own replica of Henson's sled and off they went. No snow? No problem! Riding aboard was Oriana, one of the youngsters who actually built the sled. Looking on was Steve Tuttle ( now on the board of the Museum) who headed up the adult mentors who helped build the sled. It was a day to be proud that a sled made by Camden youngsters was the main attraction at this unusual, but well attended event. Many in the audience were unfamiliar with the Matthew Henson story and were eager to hear Mr. Tuttle tell about his exploits. This event was so significant that a reporter and video camera team from the Courier Post covered the event. (see the Feb 20th Courier Post) Other local newspapers also covered the event. A major delegation of South Jersey dog sledders was also in attendance. Next year there will be snow for sure!